NSW - Murray-River Chapter

Telephone: 0407 233 532

Patriots Australia is a Military Motor Cycle Club, the Murray River – NSW Chapter is based in Albury NSW, the majority of our area of operations will be within the Holbrook, Finley, Echuca, Shepparton, Benalla, Omeo, Corryong and back to Holbrook.  The name Murray River was chosen to as it is a major atrial & historical part of the NSW / Vic boarder region.  It is a region that many of our brothers and sisters of the Defence Force are familiar with and refer to when talking of their heritage with their Military brethren.  There are very strong military ties to this area, such as Sgt Alby Lowerson VC. from Myrtleford & Capt. P.H. Cherry VC, the Bandiana MilitarBase.  There is an extensive history of personnel being recruited from around Albury / Wodonga.

Patriots Australia MMC welcomes any Serving or Ex Serving member of the ADF or Allied DF who has a love of motorcycles & a camaraderie that only those who have served would know.  We are a family Club, so all partners & siblings are welcom.

The Chapter Secretary (Snake) can be contacted via e-mail at mrcsec@patriots-australia.com or 0407 233 532


President:  Sparrow
Vice President:  Patch
Secretary:  Snake
Treasurer:  Macca
Sgt At Arms:  Patch
Road Captain:  Moxy
QuarterMaster:  Rattles
Membership Enquiries:  mrcsec@patriots-australia.com 0407 233 532