Date: 19 2015 08:00 RUN ORDERS – PATRIOTS NSW – 19th / 20th September 2015 Run orders for the next NSW Chapter Run follows: ORDERS FOR NSW CHAPTER RUN TO Barraba NSW 19th / 20th September 2015 SITUATION: Some of you may know that we have 4 guys from Walgett who are very interested in joining Patriots NSW and eventually making a Chapter out west of NSW. They are Santa, Tallie, Cookie and Rod. All of there paperwork is in check and valid to join Patriots Australia as full patched members. These 4 guys are geographically 620klms from the main membership group (Hunter Region) which makes it difficult to attend a lot of rides. I also know that this is the same case for our most Southern and Northern members. I would also like to do a ride in SEPT to somewhere approximately half way between them and us. Again maximum attendance would be great for this ride to meet them. Cheers Sharpy VP MISSION: Patriots Australia NSW Chapter will conduct a run to Barraba NSW to meet 4 NOMS from Walgett, with intensions to become full members of Patriots Australia. EXECUTION: The Run will be conducted in 3 phases. PHASE 1: RUN TO BARRABA 19 Sept 15 1100 NLT. START POINT – Hunter Valley Members Caltex Service Station Rutherford. Travel along New England Hwy to Scone approx.138 km / 1h 38m. Lunch and refuel 19 Sept 15 1400 NLT. Travel to Barraba – New England Hwy until Willow Creek truck stop. TURN RIGHT and continue along New England Hwy to Tamworth approx. 131 km / 1h 33m. Travel along Manilla Rd through the township of Manilla, change to Fossickers Way travel through to Barraba approx. 91 km / 1h 06m. 19 Sept 15 1100 NLT. START POINT – Walgett riders meet at BP Service Station, cnr Fox and Warrena Str. Travel along Kamilaroi Hwy to Narrabri, refuel and lunch – approx. 184km / 2h 30m. 19 Sept 15 1500 Continue along Kamilaroi Hwy turn left onto Boggabri Manilla Rd to Manilla. Turn left onto Fossickers Way (B95) and travel North to Barraba – approx. 169 km / 2h 15m. PHASE 2: Meet / Eat / Drink / Party with Santa, Tallie, Cookie and Rod PHASE 3: Return Home - Reverse of above The Release Points are Singleton (East and South bound riders) and Walgett for (Western bound riders). ADMINISTRATION & LOGISTICS: GENERAL: · Road Captains – TBA · Request for a good attendance from members meet the boys from Walgett · All bikes to arrive at departure point with full tanks and are to be serviceable. · There will be no backup vehicles · Maximum distance between fuels stops 155km - 184km (approx.) RIDING CONDITIONS: · No expected road works between points. · Built up areas, expect medium to light traffic · Highways sealed and good condition. Be mindful of road kill and identify potential danger to following riders. ACCOMMODATION: Barraba Motel 17 Edward Street Barraba NSW 2347 Ph: 02 6782 1555 Room Rates and combinations: $45.00 per person twin share or if someone wants a room to themselves its $90.00 per room. Combinations: Room 1: 2 x king single Room 2: 1 x queen + 1 x single Room 3: 1 x queen + 1 x single Room 4: 1 x queen + 1 x single Room 5: 2 x king single Room 6: 1 x queen Room 7: 3 x single Room 8: 1 x queen Room 9: 1 x queen We also have a full bar and restaurant available at the motel with garden area for relaxing with drink and free nibbles, Bar is below pub prices , dinner is available from Jo's restaurant at our local RSL Club board prices less 10% meals range from $9 to $26 . Breakfast is full buffet bacon sausages eggs tomato mushroom toast Jams etc for $15 So with all included I would suggest with dinner and breakfast total per person would be $80. We can also put up to 8 bikes under cover. COMMAND & SIGNALS: Request intentions to attend are to be advised NLT 12 SEPT 2015 to: Sharpy (VP), e-mail: sharpclan5@outlook.com