Hunter Valley Bingara NSW Ride

Date: 16 2016 00:00


The Hunter Valley Chapter will be conducting an overnighter at Bingara 16/17 April 2016 as per the adopted ride program.


PatriotsAustraliaHunterValley Chapter to have a successful ride to Bingara NSW as part of its riding schedule adopted on 23 January 2016 at Curlewis and mentor current prospects.


The ride will be conducted in four (4) phases.

PHASE 1: HunterValley members: FUP at Raymond Terrace BP servo NLT 0800hrs. Depart FUP at 0830hrs and travel to Tamworth via the Hunter Expressway and New England Highway. Marry up with Tamworth members at 1200hrs. Continue to Bingara and meet up with remaining members at the SportsmanHotelNLT 1530hrs. 

PHASE 2: Tamworth members: FUP is the carpark at South McDonalds Tamworth. Marry up with Hunter members. Depart FUP at 1230hrs and travel to Bingara via Manilla Rd thru Manilla, Barraba then Bingara. Marry up with remaining members at Bingara NLT 1530hrs.

PHASE 3: Walgett members: Depart Walgett at 1100hrs and travel to Bingara via Kamilaroi Highway and marry up with remaining members at Bingara NLT 1530hrs.

PHASE 4: Return 17 April 2016 as per reverse of above. Departure timings to be announced at meeting.

Enroute Marryup’s: Should members wish to meet at the FUP or other locations, please advise  the appropriate contact as shown at COMMS, so members can wait for you or not be held up for no shows.


General: All bikes to arrive at FUP point with full tanks and are to be serviceable and registered. There will not be a backup vehicle for this ride.

Fuel/Meals: As this is a four phased approach, ride groups to determine appropriate stops as required.  Full catering is available at the Sportsman Pub Bingara, with plenty of small cafes’ available for lighter refreshments in the main street.  Fuel stations available at Bingara are located at:

a. Mobile: 64 Maitland Street

b. BP: 56 Finch Street.

Meeting: Time TBA by KIWI

Riding Conditions: Long range forecast from BOM is for the weather to be warmer than average during April 2016.  Major road works planned for the hunter region is located at:

Members are to make themselves familiar with their route and planned works.

Road Captain: See Command & Sig.

Accommodation: The Sportsman Hotel located at 31 Maitland Street, BINGARA NSW. Phone: 0267241180. Accommodation is being coordinated by Santa. Members are to ensure they have made appropriate arrangements with him.

Command and Sig

Rocket has been appointed Acting RC in Macca’s absence and will be coordinated from

Tamworth until marry up occurs. Command and Control is as follows:

Phase 1: Ride - KIWI (President) lead, Members then SAA, trikes, trailers at rear.

Phase 2: Ride: Rocket & Kid to marry up with Hunter members.

Phase 3: Ride: Santa (VP) & Tallie.

Comms - Phase 1: Popeye: 0413 990 514, Phase 2: Rocket: 0428 970 749 & Phase 3: Tallie: 0427 469 858