National Elections this year are:
National President
National Tresurer
Nominations forms & Nominees will been sought at the 2nd NCM for the up coming National Elections.
Please review the criteria for eligibility to run for these positions as per Clause 10.4 of the National By-Laws.  Nominations must be submitted to the Nominees respective State / Territory Committees for vetting  prior to being passed to the National Committee.
The voting of National positions due to the Nature and responsibility of the positions is voted by the Extended National Committee including every Chapter President.  This will allow quality candidates that are suitable to the positions and not be cluttered with votes form Members who may not even know who they are voting for.  It will still allow Chapters to have a say via their Presidents prior to Voting.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your contact details are current so you can be contacted to where to send your votes too when required or you wont get to vote.  If it is not correct, then contact your Chapter Secretary and get it updated SASP.
Nat PO