NSW - Illawarra South Coast Chapter

Illawarra and SouthCoast Chapter - NSW

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The Illawarra South Coast Chapter is a Military Motorcycle Club [MMC] for serving and former Members of the Australian Defence Force & Allied Countries who reside and ride in and around the Illawarra & South Coast area of NSW.  We are a Military orientated Social Club and as such, family, friends and invited guests are welcome to ride with us. However, Full Membership is reserved for motorcycle enthusiasts who are serving or have served in the Australian Defence Force & Allied Countries.  We also have Supporter Memberships available within the Chapter.  Meetings are held on a monthly basis usually on one of our chapter runs, some runs are short day events and others are overnight stays. If you are interested in joining us or require further information regarding our membership criteria, please contact the Chapter Secretary.
Patriots Australia also has a number of other chapters available within NSW. Contact details for other NSW chapters and other states can be found on the Patriots Australia website.
President:  J.T.
Vice President:  Mono
Secretary:  J.T.
Treasurer:  Sparra
Sgt At Arms:  Webby
Road Captain:  Kirks / Kempey
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