NSW vs QLD State Of Origin 2018

Date: 24 2018 10:45
To all NSW / Qld / ACT  Members of PAMMC:
The dates are locked in for the SOO Run for 2018, they are the 24th – 25th Mar 2018.
Get in early before the rush so to make sure you have a room to enjoy after the festivities on the field & Pub.
Those looking at staying at the Top Pub (02) 6778 4110 that is now done on line.
The Thunderbolt Inn (Bottom Pub) (02) 6778 4048 prices are locked in, not a great change from last year, $80 for a queen.
The Bushranger Motor Inn (02) 6778 3777 (recommended for couples, family & Blue Orchards & the HVC).http://www.bushrangermotorinn.com.au/
QLD SC will arrange shirts as per the last two years and will look at doing a flyer for this one to put on FB etc.
Those NSW / ACT / Qld Members (where you were 1st registered as a Member of the Club eg. the NSWSC & HVC Presidents play for the Dark Side  Boo Hiss!! ) who haven’t been to a NSW (Blues) V’s Qld (Maroons) State of Origin (SOO) before at Uralla*** you have missed out on one of the premier events on the Patriots Social calendar.
There are 5 events played, 3 on the Footy ground, kicking, passing (each other) & a game of touch.  Then we adjourn to to the Bar for games of Pool & Boat races.  The team with the most wins, are the SOO Champions for that year, a plaque goes onto the SOO Shield behind the Bar & we shout the winners & our fallen Patriots from the “Bundy Bottle”.  Qld have won the last 2 years running & boast that they can keep on doing so in years to come as NSW haven’t the numbers to keep up with them.  Qld are getting cocky, so this year (2018), those NSW Members who have turned up 2 years running to listen to the Qld bullshit would like the support of the other NSW Members to watch Qld eat humble pie when their beaten.
This is a great opportunity for old & new Members to catchup with other Patriots to spin warries & have a great time.  You have 6 months to make the plans, why not make a Run of it before Autumn starts & the bike gets parked in the garage & trickle chargers turned on because of the cold weather.
Uralla is a town on the Northern Tablelands, NSW. The town is located at the intersection of the New England Highway and Thunderbolts Way, 465 kilometres North of Sydney and about 23 kilometres South West of Armidale.