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Patriots Australia

Patriots Australia is a Military Motorcycle Club (MMC) for Serving, former Regular and Reserve Members of the Australian, Commonwealth and Allied Defence Forces. Patriots Australia was established in 1993 predominately for the benefit of serving personnel with an interest in riding and socialising with like minded individuals, constant postings hindered the ability to settle into local Clubs. The formation and establishment of Patriots Australia MMC across the country enabled members to join and maintain their membership of the Club throughout their Military Service including deployments and postings, and into their retirement from the Services. This ethos has served the Club well and we are now in our 26th year. Patriots Australia MMC have Chapters in all States and Territories, so there is always fellowship, support and camaraderie with fellow bike riders available where ever they travel, there are now Patriot organisations in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, USA and South Africa who also provide the same welcome to our members. Discover more

General News

15 Jan 20
2020 NAGM Rego Form.jpg
Posted by: deaks
2020 SA NAGM Hahndorf 9th to 11th October, the total cost this year is going to be $195.00:
23 Dec 19
Cody receives special visit from Santa.jpg
Posted by: deaks
Struggle Street's Cody receives special visit from Santa & the Members from the PAMMC Riverina Chapter this Christmas. 
14 Nov 19
Veterans and volunteers do the walk to Granite Island for great causes (2).jpg
Posted by: deaks
Veterans and volunteers do the walk to Granite Island for great causes.

Chapter News

10 Jan 20
Wish I was there.jpg
Posted by: deaks
21st & 22nd March 2020 at the Barwon Chapter Clubhouse at Bingara NSW.
12 Nov 19
Delegate RSL with a gift by way of a slouch hat and custom made stand.jpg
Posted by: deaks
ACT-MSR was honoured to be able to present the Delegate RSL
13 Oct 19
Fort Scratchley Service 6 inch going bang.jpg
Posted by: deaks
Dobby (HVC) winner of NAGM Gun Firing Raffle.

Probationary Chapters

New Probationary Chapters are required to have a minimum number of Members for Incorporation within their respective States / Territories OFT or equivalent rules. An Application for a new Probationary Chapter will only be processed where the minimal number of Members has been achieved. Members may be drawn from any existing Chapter or Chapter nominees to be made up after the Probationary Chapter is formed. During the probationary period, they cannot Mentor a new Probationary Chapters. They must also prove that they can abide by the rules and ethos of the Club prior to being granted their Charter (Nat Constitution clause 15).


There has been keen interest from ex Military motorcyclists to re-establish the Tasmanian Chapter of PAMMC. If you are an Ex Patriot & had to resign when the old Chapter closed down, here is an opportunity to rejoin & experience the camaraderie you enjoyed before. Please contact the National Secretary at natsec01@patriots-australia.com for further details.

About Us

The Patriots are a motorcycle club for regular, reserve and ex-serving members of the defence force (Army, Navy and Air Force) Patriots Australia has been around since 1993 and were established because at one time or another, most of us would have liked to join an established club, but found that due to constant postings, this became difficult to achieve.

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Latest Honours

  • Chapter of the Year
    Congratulations to Hunter Valley who have been awarded Chapter of the Year for 2017.
  • Patriot of the Year
    Congratulations to Big Ted who has been awarded Patriot of the Year for 2019.

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